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Is your floor damaged? Or do you want to extend your floor? We can certainly help with that!

Extending a Floor

An extension sometimes seems to call for a completely new floor, but that’s not always necessary. In almost all cases, our professionals are able to extend the missing part of the floor. It will perfectly match the existing floor.

Procedure for Extending

When extending, the existing floor is interlocked; existing planks are sawed out of the floor. This ensures that the new section of the floor seamlessly transitions into the old section. It also ensures that the pattern of the floor continues and that there isn’t a straight line where the new section begins. Subsequently, the new planks can be custom-made and glued to the subfloor. Finally, the entire floor is sanded and finished with a choice of finish. After your floor is resanded and finished, the extension will not be visible!

Localized Renovation

In most cases, it is possible to repair a wooden floor or parquet locally. This could be, for example, a cracked plank or a plank that is heavily damaged. Also, loose parts of a glued floor can be injected with glue to reattach them.

How much does it costs to repair a floor?

The cost of repairs depends on various factors. Contact us, and we can create a customized quote for you within 24 hours.

Our advisor can tell you during their visit whether the damage can be repaired locally.

Interested? Contact us for advice or a free quote! We have solutions for every budget.