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PVC- and laminate floors

Pvc floors are mostly used by companies. They are used in cafeterias and other business spaces in company buildings because these floors are extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Hospitals also frequently have these floors because of the high standard hygiene.

Still, pvc floors have made an incredible advance in the private sector.

Many people think of a vinyl floor (room wide) when they think of pvc floors, however, pvc floors, even though they are made of almost the same material, are many times stronger and heavier than the widely known vinyl floors. Vinyl floors are originally softer and malleable, while pvc floors are supplied with a hard, unmalleable surface later that can stand the test of wear and tear.

Because of the many possibilities we can imagine that you can no longer see the woods for the trees. We have made, to the best of our skills, made an overview with all the possibilities and qualities of pvc floors.



  • 100% waterproof excluding PVC floors click -on HDF basis) Pvc floors are even suitable for bathrooms!
  • suitable for floor heating- and cooling: Pvc floors adapt easily to temperature changes and offer a very low resistance with floor heating. However, always make sure you are properly informed, certain demands are made for floor heating, spaces and such.
  • very silent because of high noise reduction:
  • Pvc floors are naturally much quieter than, for example, laminate, in combination with a subfloor you can reach a noise reduction of up to 20dB with some types of pvc floors!
  • Almost indistinguishable from real wood and/or tiles: dependent of the manufacturer, structure and print of the planks and tiles they are almost indistinguishable from the real deal.
  • maintenance friendly::
  • Vacuum cleaning, ‘swiffering’ and occasional mopping is sufficient for the maintenance of pvc floors. We are happy to inform you about the proper maintenance of each type of pvc floor.



Laminate floors are durable and scratch resistant. Heavy furniture or an office chair on wheels won’t leave a permanent impression on the extra wear resistant surface layer. The colours and motives of the high quality printed design layer will look as new, even after years of intensive use. The strictly tested, superior and waterproof glued base plate ensures lasting stability.

De Verbetering Parket is the supplier of various quality brands such as Pergo and Quick Step. Strict control guarantees the highest quality. That is why you will have a warrantee on the wear resistance of the outer layer from 15 years to a lifetime.



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