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Tapis Parquet

Tapis is a solid parquet without brass or grooves and has been on the market for around eighty years. This parquet is made out of two layers; a twelve mm thick intermediate floor of multiplex or chipboard, according to the E-1-standard, and a solid wooden top layer of six or ten mm thick.

First the intermediate floor is glued and/or nailed onto the subfloor, then the parquet is glued or nailed onto the intermediate floor. The nail holes are sealed with a ‘mash’ of the sanding dust from the floor itself, mixed with a binding agent. This liquid wood is spread over the floor twice and fills the nail holes and possible cracks. Next, the floor is sanded, polished and optionally finished. The result is a splendid, sleek finished parquet floor, that can also be placed by an experienced expert (parquet installer).



Tapis is very suitable for making a pattern. Best known are the herringbone- and chequered pattern.

But other motives are imaginable, like the known burgundy floors with or without V-groove. Usually in regard to decorated variations of the tapis-floor, meant to create an effect in the room. Generally it can be said that with the placement of Tapis the craftsmanship shows best.


  • Hardly or doesn’t expand and shrink
  • no expansion seams necessary
  • optional finishing
  • minimal walk sound, silent floor
  • large choice in wood types and patterns
  • long lifespan

• Laying the floor yourself is not an option
• Does not absorb
• Nail holes can be visible for a while


  • Laying the floor yourself is not an option
  • Does not absorb
  • Nail holes can be visible for a while


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