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Waterdamage & attaching

Water damage is incredibly annoying. It damages your property, furniture and of course your floor. Especially if you have a wooden floor, water can be very damaging. The boards can discolour, bend and mould can grow within a few days. Acting quickly is very advisable in this instance.

steps to take with water damage

  1. Dry floor. Try to dry the wooden floor by dabbing the surface with towels. Turn the heating high and direct a fan or electric heater to the floor.
  2. Contact your insurance. Do you have a household or building insurance? Then the water damage is covered. Ask your insurance about the course of action in this situation. They will request photos and send an expert. If you take pictures, also try to document the cause.
  3. Contact a specialist. Contact De Verbetering Parket as soon as possible. We will come over immediately to document the damage and find the proper reparation method.

we can help you

The proper reparation method is of course dependent of the amount of damage and the state of your floor. Sometimes the damage can be taken care of with a good sanding or varnishing. But in some cases parts or the entire floor must be replaced. This only happens if you agree with this of course.