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Evening out Floor

A discipline in its own right. Evening out a floor is quite complicated. When covering a floor an even floor gives the best result. By applying a layer of ‘egaline’ the floor not only becomes more even and more appealing, but the lifespan is, of course, also extended of the cover that has been applied to marmoleum, parquet, laminate or any other floor covering.

The assessment of your floor

Evening out the floor is often necessary as preparation for tiling or putting down parquet. Normal cement for evening out floors is meant for filling up small imperfections (several millimetres). There is also an evening-out cement of heavy quality with which you can apply a layer of up to 6 cm thick.


How do I determine the thickness?

The thickness of the evening out is dependent of the state of the subfloor. For a proper result we advise to assume a layer thickness of 3 mm. Do you doubt the quality of your subfloor? Please feel free to contact us for advice without any further obligations.


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