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What if you decide to build an addition to your home and a chimney is taken out? In almost all cases our parquet experts can attach the missing part of your floor without you seeing a lot of difference with the existing floor.


De existing floor is toothed. This means that boards are sawed out of the existing floor. This ensures that the new floor will merge with existing floor seamlessly. Additionally, with this method the floor will not be just a straight line where the new section starts. Next the new boards are made to size and glued to the subfloor. Lastly, the entire floor is sanded an sd finished optionally. After your floor is sanded and finished you will see that the attachment is hardly visible. Look at the photos of an oak fishbone parquet floor here.

PArtial renovation

In most cases it is possible to replace a part of a wooden floor. For example this is the case with a cracked or heavily damaged floor. Loose parts of a glued floor can be injected with new glue to make sure it is secured again. Our advisor can tell you immediately whether the damages can be repaired partially immediately when inspecting your floor.


Hier een overzicht van een aantal van onze projecten waar wij trots op zijn!


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